Project Leader

Daiki Takahashi

Scenery changes depending on the region.
The "landscape" that we tackle to design, each has its own different terrain, climate, and vegetation depending on the location, so each region has its own unique charm. I feel that it is my mission to design a scenery to maximize these local characteristics that will continue for future generations.
In order to discover as much individuality as possible, I am also beginning to look at evidence-based design, such as the manifestation of natural and social situations through GIS and environmental simulations.
In addition to designing spaces, I will continue to work to create a landscape that contributes to its sustainability while facing multiple aspects of regional revitalization, activity creation for people, and environmental coexistence.


Graduated from School of Agriculture, Meiji University
Completed the Master's Program in Horticulture at Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University
Joined Landscape Design Inc.


Honorable mention at the 52nd Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition
Won the Outstanding Performance Award at the 2nd Tabayama Village Business Idea Contest