Senior Project Leader

Hidefumi Tsukamoto

How the space I plan/design will impact the neighborhood, city, region, and nature is always on my mind. Central Park opened in the midst of New York City 150 years ago, creating an area where nature and urban lifestyle coexists harmoniously. In recent years, the High Line, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and other antiquated infrastructure facilities have been redeveloped into urban oases, giving birth to brand-new ways to experience city life, thus bringing a spotlight to “landscape” as a social phenomenon. Hoping someday to play a role in such a grand scheme, I am endeavoring to bring joy and excitement to those who visit and use the places I design.


Graduated from Division of Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering, Osaka University
Completed the Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA) Program at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
DAW, Jones & Jones, USA


Good Design Award (Forestage Takahata Kashimadai)
Won the grand prize at the Nagaoka Citizens’ Disaster Prevention Park Design Competition
Won the Reggie Shiu Development of the Year Award at the Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto).2018 Good Design Award (Brillia the Tower Tokyo-Yaesu Avenue)