General Manager

Takayuki Koike

While people tend to think that a job of a landscape architect is to design natural elements such as water and greenery, but it is in fact more artificial than natural. We are a group of professionals endeavoring to manifest a high-quality environment where human activities are aligned with the workings of nature. Our objective to create outdoor spaces with high added values by identifying the timeless values and charms that are unique to each location, such as its natural, historical, and cultural heritage, and discerning “what will not change” and “what will change” with time.


Graduated from Department of Landscape Architecture (majored in urban greenery planning), Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture.
Completed the Master’s Program in landscape architecture at Graduate School of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture.
Joined Kajima Corporation, assigned to the Landscape Design Department of A/E Division
Part-time teacher at Horticultural Science Laboratory, Tokyo University of Agriculture


Japan Institute of Landscape Architecture Encouragement Award (Design Work Division) 49th BCS Award (Tokyo University Komaba Communication Plaza)
20th AACC Award (Atema Kogen Resort Belnatio la Sala/FIORIA)
Tokyo University of Agriculture Landscape Architecture Award (Tokyo University Komaba Campus and other landscape renewal designs)
54th BCS Award (Omron Healthcare’s new head office building, Tokyo University’s Ito International Research Center)
24th AACA Encouragement Award (Hakkaisan Yukimuro)