Senior Project Leader

Yuka Kikuchi

My current assignment consists primarily of designing public spaces (i.e., parks, city halls, schools, etc.) and community development (i.e., landscape planning, sign planning, etc.). Public spaces nowadays are not as rigid as we might think, thanks to the changes in laws and regulations that significantly increased the freedom of use and access. However, because public spaces are opened to everyone, a designer alone cannot make a public space attractive. Active participation of citizens is vital to building a lively community. In designing a public space, I try to involve the local residents, who will be using the space, by organizing workshops and “open house” events to listen to and incorporate their needs and ideas so that the space will feel familiar and inviting to them and become an integral part of their community.
My experience as a Play Leader is also helpful in creating playgrounds where children can play freely and learn through a variety of activities.


Graduated from Environmental Design Course at Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kanto Gakuin University.
Completed the Master’s in Visual Communication Design Course, Graduate School of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.
Play Leader at Karasuyama Play Park (part-time staff of Setagaya Ward Volunteer Center)
Joined Landscape Design Inc.