Tetsuji Iwasaki

I believe landscape design is like a relay race. First, we are given the elements that are inherent and unique to the project site, including its history, environment, air, water strum, vegetation, and smell, each of which we try to enhance a little so that the project will have a ripple effect on the surrounding areas and be cherished by the community and the people for many years to come. It takes a few years for the envisaged design to manifest through the hands of engineers and artisans working on site. Even with the same design, different people produce different results. The way I communicate with my team and the way each individual relates to the project also affect the outcome. I feel the happiest when I have worked with people whom I would want to keep working with even after the project’s completion. For me, this is an important factor that will lead to the success of the next project.


Graduated from Department of Architecture, Kanto Gakuin University


Good Design Award (Shibaura Island Bloom Homes)