Senior Project Leader

Takeshi Ugawa

As a landscape designer, I endeavor to create scenery and space that will bring comfort, happiness, and new excitement to people, thus giving them hope and encouragement to look at life in a positive light.
Through the process towards this objective, I study and analyze the geographical, cultural, and environmental background of the project site and try to empathize with the sentiments of the users to envision the kind of lifestyle they would enjoy and then select suitable elements for constructing an ideal space for them.
I wish to continue furthering my skills and design style to create open space from the comprehensive viewpoints of landscape gardening, architecture, and civil engineering by stepping over the borders between the disciplines.


Graduated from Department of Agricultural Engineering, School of Agriculture, Osaka Prefecture University
Certified as a Professional Engineer (construction, urban/regional development planning)


Won the Green Prize at Osaka Machinami Award (Chuo Fukken Consultants Co., Ltd. Head Office Building)
Won a prize at Community Development Competition for Former Suita Marshalling Yard
Hyogo Prefecture Human-Scale Community Development Award (Higashimaru Food Co., Ltd. Factory)
Good Lighting Award (Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Kitajima Plant)