Senior Project Leader

Kuniaki Ishiura

There often are times when I notice my pencil is suddenly short. This happens most when I am drawing a rough sketch of a plan or cross-section, or contemplating details. Landscape design begins with understating and sorting out the given conditions, background, environment, etc. of the project and envisioning an image of how the space will transform, which often has no scale. Relying on experience, I try to replicate the imagined space in appropriate dimensions by drawing layers of lines on a tracing paper, from which I find the exact ones to include in the drawing, and before you know it, my pencil grows quite short.


Graduated from School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University.
Completed Urban Landscape Planning and Design Course at Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science, Osaka Prefecture University.
2004 – 07
Ohtori Consultants Environmental Design Institute
2007 – 10
iks Landscape Design Co., Ltd.


Won Excellence Award at 4th Nikkei Architecture Competition.
Selected for Rokkosan Tunnel South Portal Redevelopment Design Competition.
Won the Expo ’90 Foundation Award at the 3rd Osaka Landscape Award (Komatsu Satoyama, Osaka Plant, Komatsu Ltd.).
Won a prize in the environmental design division at the 11th Environment and Equipment Design Award (Komatsu Satoyama, Osaka Plant, Komatsu Ltd.)