Senior Project Leader

Takayuki Nagaishi

For a landscape architect, it is important to become a botanical expert with broad knowledge of horticulture and arboriculture to understand the personality of each plant and how best to nurture them from a long-term perspective of how they will grow over time. Each plant has a unique personality and wants to grow in its own way, often contrary to my expectations, making it challenging to manage them but all the more interesting and rewarding. For me, working with plants as vital living components of the environment is one of the best parts of being a landscape architect. I would like to continue creating spaces where people can feel and enjoy the power of green plants fully, thereby bringing people and nature closer based on accurate understanding of the conditions, properties, and challenges of each project site.


Graduated from Department of Environmental Design, Kyushu Institute of Design.
Studied at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona as an exchange student.
Completed Master’s Program at Kyushu Institute of Design.
Joined Keikan Sekkei Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.
Joined Landscape Design Inc.


Won the Nippon Indoor Green Association Chairperson’s Award at 2016 Indoor Greenery Competition (Hibiya Park Front)